Micronesia's Largest OCR Circuit.

Born in 2015, the KONQER OCR series is the region's largest and longest running obstacle course race in the Marianas and the greater Micronesia islands. From its humble beginnings in Guam to its impressive expansion into the Northern Marianas and the Republic of Palau, KONQER continues to lead the category with new courses, locations and obstacle designs.


We're not SPARTAN®, we're not NINJA WARRIOR®, KONQER™ is a unique hybrid OCR series that integrates game-play, role-play and creative courses designs based on the country and location selected for every race. No race is ever the same, with the exception that EVERY race is designed to encourage good old-fashioned outdoor fun. If you've never KONQER'D before, make our next event your first! We have three categories to choose from: ENDURO (Solo or Team), JUST FOR FUN (Solo or Team) and CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING.


KONQER races across the Pacific with various course elements making every event unique. Some courses include open water (ocean), whereas some have rivers and mangroves. Other courses may include sand and mud or tricky mountains of rock! Best of all, when you KONQER, you have an opportunity to travel to far off island's you might not normally visit alone. In fact, you'll never be alone when you KONQER as you belong to a fun-loving group we call the KONQER BRIGADE.




Some of our most memorable races involve the integration of our eco-friendly off-road course design. Race through the Rock Islands of Palau or explore the rich jungles of Saipan, Rota and Guam.

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