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What it do?

KONQER, the event (K1) was established in 2015 and made its debut in Guam as the region's first large scale OCR event. 2016 saw the return of KONQER "Guam" (K2) making it the first 'seasonal' OCR event in Micronesia.

In 2017, Kelli Wedd and Kaz Endo co-founded KONQER Sports LLC., and launched Micronesia's first and only multi-national series, holding events in The Republic of Palau (K3), Saipan, CNMI (K4) and back to home base in Guam (K5). This historic year set a new benchmark for OCR events as no other company had previously or since attempted such a daunting challenge to do three OCR events in the same year, in three different countries.


KONQER Sports continued its maverick ways and repeated the three country sweep in 2018 proving that its 2017 success was no fluke. The KONQER "BRIGADE" ballooned the total headcount from its humble beginnings with a headcount of under a thousand people, to now over several thousand participants of all ages, ethnicities and physical conditions in just a few years time.

​2019 saw another milestone achieved by the KONQER "BRIGADE", with the addition of an event in Rota. The Rota event (K12/E1) made its debut as a "OCR ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP" invitational event, fielding two dozen people from Guam, Rota, Saipan and the United States. The event was a grueling winner-take-all cash prize setup making coming in second the same as coming in last! The KONQER "ENDURO" (short for endurance), championship event consisted of a 10-mile off/on road run (various terrain  and elevation), 2-mile open water ocean swim, a 2-mile trail run & hike to Rota's iconic Grotto on Wedding Cake mountain, and 10 Ninja-styled obstacles. The event offered a $1,000 cash prize to the first place solo participant while the 3-person relay team received $3,000 for their efforts. Brian Johnson made history as the solo winner while, Team GIANT from Guam consisting of Billy Navarrete (hike/ninja), Elaine Kwok (swim) and Ryan Matienzo (run) took first place in the 3-person relay race. The event also featured former Guam Olympic swimmer Chris Duenas's debut start in any OCR event.

​The 2019 season coined, "The Apocalypse Tour" introduced a unique role-playing story based OCR series using the zombie apocalypse as theme. The concept proved very successful and such 'themed' based series may make its way back into the event recipe mix in the future.  


2019 also saw KONQER celebrate its 5th anniversary and complete its 14th international event since its launch in 2015. Another notable milestone was that KONQER extended its season into January 2020 wrapping up its 2-day Palau events (K13 & K14) in Ngchesar and Koror respectively.

​As KONQER Sports begins its preparations for the 2020-21 season, it is yet again making history by opening Guam and Micronesia's first-ever Ninja "SASUKE" Park in the heart of Guam's tourism district. The KONQER Ninja Park will allow beginners, intermediate and advanced level ninja athletes to better train and prepare for the new season and hopefully grow the sport of OCR / Ninja even more. KONQER "Ninja Parks" will open in other countries that KONQER makes its way to in the next several years.

​Only time will tell how the 2020-21 season will go, but from the sound of it, it's going to be an epic year! Join the KONQER Brigade and take part in the fun and/or competitive assignments and help grow the sport of OCR in our region! KONQER offers just for kicks (JFK) completion races, endurance (ENDURO) races, sprints solo & relay team well as a Business League Teams format (BLT) for team building and problem solving challenges using endurance OCR and Ninja-styled obstacles.  We look forward to seeing you at one or all of our events!

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