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2019 is an epic year for us as we release our 10th event in four years! From our original humble debut in Guam in 2015 as the region's 'FIRST' large-scale obstacle course, KONQER now spans across the Marianas (Guam, Saipan, Rota) and the Republic of Palau to be the undisputed king of obstacle events in our region.


In recognition of our milestone of reaching our 10th event, KONQER launches a special edition obstacle course theme called "APOCALYPSE". Our Zombie Obstacle Challenge will be a change of pace from our normal circuit course that's been enjoyed by thousands over the last 3 years. The KONQER creative team has worked hard (and drank many of nights) to come up with a role-playing element to this year's obstacle course race.


This year's course will continue to promote wellness through play, with fun, inventive signature obstacles as well as real-life physical and mental challenges that you might face during a zombie apocalypse!

The outbreak begins in Saipan with Chapter 1 "Survive", then continues to Guam with Chapter 2 "Attack" and wraps up in Palau with Chapter 3 "Defend". Challenge yourself and do all three countries to complete the trifecta! Each country will have different obstacles and challenges as each location provides a unique destination to configure the race format.

Register now and save BIG thanks to our early bird special! Adults 18+ pay to enter (as low a $25), while minors 17-under are all completely free! That's right FREE! So there's no more excuse not to put together a team with your family and friends. Enter today and KONQER the zombie apocalypse!

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