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KONQER debuts its first-ever OCR championship event in Rota. Who could have imagined that the "World's Friendliest Island" would become the backdrop of our most challenging, most savage, endurance event?

This race is an "invitational" with 20 slots open for the solo (male or female) division and 20 slots open for a 3-person relay division. The objective of this race is simple — first to cross the finish line, wins!

There will be NO REGISTRATION FEE to pay for this event. Your event fees are completely waived if you are invited to attend. You are only responsible for your own accommodations while in Rota (don't worry, we have some great local partners for rooms, car rentals and airfare).

The event officially starts at 9AM sharp with a shotgun start. Don't be late, you will be immediately disqualified!

The race will consist of a 16K (10 miles) Off-Road Run, 3.8K (2.5 mile) Open Ocean Swim and 10 Crushing Obstacles for both solo and relay participants.

If you are forming a relay team, we highly recommend putting together a team with people who dominate in a respective area. This means one strong runner, one strong swimmer and one agile ninja!

Failure to complete the race in 6* hours will disqualify you from official ranking. Top Enduro Solo finisher will receive $1,000.00 while the top Enduro Relay Team will receive $3,000.00. In case of a tie, the tie-breaker will be broken by fastest time on the obstacle portion of your race.

Registration must be completed no later than August 15th. There will be no event day registration for the Enduro competition.


Post the Enduro event, a "Just-For-Fun" obstacles sprints challenge will open to the general public. This open play session will continue for 3 hours or until sunset (whichever comes first). There will be no fee but all participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to entering the the course and trying out the obstacle structures.

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