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  • Proof of purchase (email receipt or stub receipt)

  • Valid photo ID (18-up)

  • Parent or Guardian present (17-below) to sign waiver on minor's behalf

  • Flask or refillable water bottle

  • Gloves, sunscreen, eye shades recommended 

  • Shoes required - no barefoot or uncovered footwear allowed

  • Small bag to keep personal belongings (phone, car keys, wallet) with you. Note - there will no secure storage area for your belongings

  • CASH! There will be food trucks, snack trucks and a beer garden! Plus we'll have event gear for sale !



In a nutshell, there are two types of zones. Type 1 (green) have time expiration and Type 2 (blue) does not have any time expirations. Simple - right?! Let's move on!


All participants will begin here. If you signed for just the free 5K, you start here. If you signed up for the Enduro Solo or Team, yep, you start here. If you signed up for the "Just For Fun" category, guess what? YES! You start here. And finally, if you are registered under a business team, welp, YOU START HERE! Whew that was the hardest part to explain.

Each complete "LOOP" is roughly 1.1K in distance. With this in mind, the mission requires 5 complete loops to be done within allotted time limit to be considered 'accomplished' (get it? Mission "ACCOMPLISHED").

Depending on what category you entered will determine how you will approach your mission. See the list below and find your appropriate category:

  • ENDURO SOLO - complete 5 loops and exit to 5K finish line under 40 minutes. 

  • BUSINESS & ENDURO TEAM - complete 5 relay loops and exit 'together' at the 5K finish line under 40 minutes. Teams start the run together and break off at designated 'relay' spots (see map and find the circle areas on the run path with numbers next to them 1-2-3-4). The relay begins when the last runner makes a complete loop back and hands the baton to a teammate waiting for them at their designated relay spot. On the start of the final (5th) lap, all team members rejoin and finish the fifth loop together as your team anchor reaches each relay spots.

  • JUST FOR FUN SOLO / TEAM - Same as above (Solo and Team), but without penalty if you fail to finish under 40 minutes.


All participants competing for official times MUST finish under 40 minute. Failure to finish before time expires will require you to redo the mission until successful.  Limit for repeating this obstacle is 3 tries, thereafter you and/or your team will complete 20 burpees and continue to ZONE TWO (Z2).


Check-in at either Z2 locations (there are two to choose from). Once you arrive, you will be assigned randomly as either zombie or human. If you are a zombie, the course marshal will provide you three yellow flags which you will velcro attach to your belt. The marshal will instruct you and other zombies to enter the field. Once the mission begins, you will need to avoid getting your flag taken by a human for 3 minutes. You will have successfully accomplished your mission if at the expiration of the 3 minutes you have one, two or all three of your flags.  In the event you were able to retain all three flags you have successfully completed the mission and may proceed to ZONE Three (Z3). If you still need to reenter the field as a human, your mission is to collect the remaining balance of flags (three total) you need to complete your mission. Failure to collect three (as a human) or retain three (as a zombie), requires you to continue in the field until you are successful. If unsuccessful, you may be stuck here for a long, long time dude.


If you start Z2 as a 'human', you have 3 minutes to collect 3 flags from any zombie you see in the field (wait for the course marshal's whistle before you start chasing zombies). Once you have collected 3 flags, return back to the marshal and get your official time. Failure to collect all 3 flags within the 3 minute period means you failed your mission and your next turn back into the field will be as a zombie. You will reenter the field as a zombie with the same flags you collected prior as a human.  If you lose all of your flags you will need to start over until you are successful. 


Finally, no more cardio! We know, running around all day is no way to have fun! That's why we have buckets of rocks and other heavy items for you to carry around the field. But don't worry, this is considered a boot camp exercise and you won't have any time expiration to worry about! Complete the mission here and proceed to ZONE Four (Z4).


Wow! You are awesome! You've completed 60% of the race with just 40% more to go! By now, you must be feeling really good about your chances to KONQER this course! That is... until you see what you have to do here.

You will climb over container #1 wall then run across and jump onto another container separated by 4 feet of clear space. Once you are on container #2, carefully get down at the opposite end and proceed to container #3. Container #3 awaits a wall crawl up to the top. Jump across container #4 and climb down and proceed to the "DEAD MAN PIT".

At the pit you will pull towards you a heavy bag (maybe a dead guy is in it?). Once you get the bag close enough to grab, hoist it in the air and shout some insanely inappropriate words and flex. Actually, don't do that. Just toss it back down so that the next guy can have a chance. Be sure to choose SOLO pull rope if you are doing this on your own, and TEAM pull if you are pulling as a team. Once you have completed this task, proceed to ZONE Five (Z5).


Yes! One more zone to go and you are READY for the big ending at ZONE Six! But first, more arm crushing missions and some leg work too. Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think. Besides, you're still a rookie. You have to train to become a true 671 URB solider baby!

Complete this task and move to your final mission zone - ZONE Six (Z6).


Okay, we have to admit ... if you've made it this far, you are for sure READY to take on the apocalypse! Enter the the final mission zone and meet the BOSS OBSTACLES! But wait what?! Why do we need to wear flags again - oh no, ZOMBIES!

So here's the deal, we know we told you only ZOMBIES wear flags for K11. Humans wearing flags is OLD news you say, and it's true we did that one trick pony in Saipan already back in May at K10 ... Buuuut we liked it so much that we want to end with it. It's like going back in time and letting everyone who missed K10 (in Saipan) have a crack at it. Boom. So here we go!

You enter here with a flag (HUMAN), or without one (ZOMBIE). Only humans can get on an obstacle so be sure to keep your flag safely guarded OR if you're a zombie make sure you grab a flag from someone quick and spawn into a human!

Same rules from Saipan apply here in Guam. If you get your flag taken, take a knee and count to ten M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I and tah-dah, you're a new member of the living dead. Grab a flag from an unsuspecting human to re-spawn back to HUMAN form instantly and proceed to finishing each of the obstacles in the field. Once you have completed all of the obstacles cross the finish line and enjoy your victory. You are officially a proud graduating member of the 671 URB (United Resistance Brigade) and even better, you are OFFICIALLY DANGEROUS!


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