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The Zombie Apocalypse continues with K11 Chapter Two: "ATTACK". The outbreak is contained in the beautiful island of Guam at the main armory and fuels station. The evacuation ships and aircraft with survivors from Saipan are headed towards Guam for refueling and supplies. The 671 United Brigade Unit must retake the fuel and supply armory from zombies before the EVAC refugees arrive. Failure to clear the area of the undead in time will lead to the certain demise of the arriving survivors headed to Guam. For this mission critical assignment every URB 671 zombie-butt kicking soldier must be ready to ATTACK and win for humanity! Complete all 6 missions to claim victory!


JULY 7th Sunday, Northern Region Sports Complex (aka. Harmon or Dededo sports complex).

We recommend coming in early to get yourself or your team ready to "KONQER". Check-in period is 7:30AM-8AM. You will need a picture ID when signing your waiver, proof of purchase (if you registered online you will receive a receipt via your email, if you registered at Steel Athletics or Hornet Sports, bring your numbered paper receipt). NOTE: If you are a minor (person 17 years old or younger), your parent or legal guardian must co-sign the waiver in order to participate in the event.

The event will start 9AM sharp with a shotgun start of the 5K zombie rally relay run. If you are SOLO, you must complete all 5 loops (approximately 5K) on your own. If you are entered as a team (Just for fun, Enduro or Business), your team will complete the run portion in a relay format. See below for each zone mission description.


Unlike all previous KONQER events, this one requires you to role play. At any time you may be assigned a "HUMAN" or a "ZOMBIE".

Check-in at each ZONE prior to taking on the mission. The course marshal will brief you on your given mission and role (you may enter a zombie or human).

You will switch roles throughout the day and complete the course as a HUMAN or ZOMBIE.



Yes, we know what you are thinking, "THERE ARE RULES IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!", the short answer is yes, yes there are! Even though the world is ending we still have to follow the rules and stay of out of KONQER jail.

  1. When a participant is on an obstacle, others may not violate their space for safety reasons. If you are in a team, your teammate(s) may assist you complete any obstacle.

  2. Some challenge zones will have a time expiration associated with a specific mission. This means, individuals or teams will have a set period of time to successfully complete the mission. Failure to complete the mission within the given time period will result in having to repeat the mission until successful. After three failed attempts, a participant or team may proceed to the next challenge zone after completing 20 burpees.

  3. The event concludes at 3PM. Any participants who have not completed all zone missions will be considered disqualified for official timing. If you are not in the competitive category or have been disqualified for official times, you may continue to finish the course until completion — have fun! 

  4. You will have successfully completed (KONQER'D) the race after you collect six unique wrist bands (earn one wrist band per zone). A select wrist band is awarded to every participant when they complete a zone challenge / obstacle within the allotted time. There are six mission zones, thus there are six wrist bands in all for collection.

  5. Top Enduro Solo (single) and Enduro Team with the best cumulative time (your six zone times added together) will be awarded a trophy and prize package. The top three Corporate Teams with the best cumulative time will be presented a trophy and special prize package. Completion medals will be issued to the first 500 finishers.


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