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How is the start schedule structured?

KONQER is not your typical race, so to ensure we have a steady course flow, we utilize wave starts every 10 minutes.  These wave starts include approximately 10-20 competitors at a time to ensure that you have the best experience while you're completing the course...there's nothing more of a buzzkill than waiting in a line to start an obstacle!

How was my start time determined?

With an overwhelming number of participants this year, KONQER will be awesome.  Your official start time was determined with two components in mind.  We took into account your request for "preferred start time" and scheduled your slot based on when your registration was completed.  The "first come, first served" approach was the fairest method we could apply to such a large number of people with similar requests.  But don't fret!  With live music, food trucks and our awesome beer garden, you'll have plenty to do before and after your race!  It's Sunday - make it an all day Sunday Funday!

What if I don't see my name on the schedule?

If you don't see yourself listed, chances are we havent received your registration verification.  Contact us here if you do not see your name.  (NOTE - You will not be able to start the course if you do not finalize your registration.)

What if I have a correction to my team name or lineup?

We have tried our best to keep up with all the team name changes, entry transfers and other requests, but there may be some details that fell through the cracks.  If there is a discrepency, please contact us here.

Now that I know my start time, what do I do next?

Spread the word!  Make sure all your teammates know the exact start time. Plan to get there at least 30 minutes ahead of your start time to give yourself plenty of time to check in, drop your bag and get to the start line.

What happens if I miss my start time on event day?

If you miss your start time, you will not be allowed to start the race until space allows during the afternoon.  Don't be late!

What is Re-KONQER?

For those of you that just can't get enough, this is for you!  Once we have some extra space, we are allowing KONQERERS to take on the course again, FOR FREE!  Just let the staff at the check-in table know that you'd like to Re-KONQER and you'll be able to have another go at the challenge.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us here for any additional questions.

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