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Event FAQs

What is KONQER?


KONQER (pronounced “conquer”) is an obstacle race, full of challenges to jump off, climb over and crawl through. It is a fast-paced, exciting event that focuses on physical fitness, camaraderie, teamwork, achievement, and most importantly — fun!


When and where is it?


The Guam race will be held on Sunday, September 18 at the former Target Golf property (across from McDonald’s) in Tamuning.  The event will begin at 9AM, with wave starts throughout the day.


Is the obstacle race timed? How do I win?


For KONQER, the emphasis is on teamwork and achievement, not timing.  There are no winners or losers — only KONQERERS. However, with the business league your team's performance will be timed so that you can see how well your team does against other companies! However you finish in the standings, just keep in mind, you and your team will have the time of your lives!

How many obstacles are there?


There are over 15 obstacles to overcome and KONQER!  Visit us here for more details as we leak more information as race day nears!


Do I or my team have to finish every obstacle?


Because this is a timed competition, all members must attempt to finish each obstacle. Teams that do not complete an obstacle will have 180-seconds added to their final score. Teams that do not complete more than 3 obstacles, will be disqualified.  


How much is it?


Space fills up fast, so make sure you register early to get the best deals!  Pricing starts as low as $500 per business team. Registration fee schedules are as follows: July 1-31st $500 | August 1-31st $750 | September 1-18th $1,000. All sales are final, no refunds will be honored unless the event is cancelled.


Who can be on my business team?


Although anyone can be on your team, if your intent is to build team building skills and increase worker morale, we highly recommend building your team with your employees.


Do I have to run with a team?


Yes. All business league teams must have a minimum of 4 competitors and a maximum of 15 people on their respective teams.


How many people can I have on my team?


Each team can have up to 15 brigade members.


Does the registration price include the entire team?


Yes. Business league price is for your entire team.


Ok, I've paid and reserved my team's spot - what's next?


Once you have paid (online) for your business league team's reservation, our office will contact you for additional information such as your team's name, number of members and t-shirt sizes. Once we have completed your registeration process, you'll be assigned a wave start time. 


When I register, it asks me for my shipping address - what are you sending me?


The request for shipping address is just a component of our payment system, so we will not be sending anything to you via direct mail.  All roads lead through email, so keep an eye out for the latest updates!


What are my choices for start time?


Business league teams will be assigned specific times where all your employees can be present to compete with the team. A personal advisor will be assigned to help you select the best time slots that meet your company's ability to release employees to the MAZE RUN course.


What if I register, then chicken out or change my mind?  Can I get a refund or transfer by registration to someone else?


Sorry, we do not offer refunds or transfers.  Also, don't chicken out...You got this!


I’m having problems with registration — who can help me?


If you have any questions related to registration, fill out the contact form here.


Registration Pricing

Course & Challenges

We'll leak course details and obstacle updates as we get closer to the event day. Part of the KONQER excitement is to be surprised and delighted! Can't do that if we show you everything upfront!

Race Schedule

All competitors will be scheduled into morning or afternoon wave starts of twenty (15) people per start and spread 15-20 mins apart depending on the flow of the race. When open registration ends, we'll post the final start times on September 5, 2016. Competitors can request for desired start times when completing their registration process on September 1, 2016.

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