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Is there a packet pickup?


Packet pickup will be for our ENDURO SOLO competitors  ONLY on Friday, June 15 from 12PM-3PM  at  Hornet Sports.  If any ENDURO competitor is not able to pick up a race packet at this time, please contact  You may send someone else to pick up your packet for you, but please let us know in advance at the aforementioned email address.


All other INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS in the COMPLETION or 14 & UNDER divisions will pick up their materials at the check-in table on event day.  Please ensure you arrive an hour early to complete the check-in process.


All BUSINESS LEAGUE TEAMS will be contacted prior to the event to arrange packet delivery.


*KONQER is not responsible for any lost race packets.


**Take care of those wristbands, Brigade!  Every participant MUST have a wristband before they will be allowed to start…NO WRISTBAND, NO START, NO EXCEPTIONS.  You must also have your wristband to get your event t-shirt and free beer / beverage at the end of the race.


What will I receive in my race packet?


Race packets will include:

• Official KONQER Wristband

• Official KONQER Tattoos

• Liability Waiver - MUST be completed with an accompanying photo ID to check in on event day.  You may bring a copy of your ID, if you would prefer not to bring your actual ID.




What if I can’t pick up my race packet at that time?


If you are unable to get your race packet at that time, please contact us at







Where is check-in?


Check in will be held at the Leo Palace track (adjacent to the Pan Pacific Sports Center).  It will open at 8AM, and we recommend getting there an hour prior to your preferred start time to allow plenty of time to complete the check-in process.


When is my start time?


Mandatory Start Times:

• Enduro Participants Start Time - 9AM

• Leo Palace Entry Winners (not KONQER Lottery Winners) Start Time - 2PM


Completion Solo, Completion Team, Business League, Sprints and 14 & Under:


We are going to try a new start system to solve some issues with set times to better accommodate our KONQER Brigade’s schedules, where YOU determine your start time. In addition, to avoid any delays due to late arrivals or incomplete teams, we are starting teams/individuals, first in, first out.

Check in anytime between 8AM-2PM and we will assign you a start time based on the order in which you checked in.  (Please note we take a one-hour break around noon for a technical timeout).

***PLEASE NOTE that due to the large number of participants and the nature of obstacle races, you can expect plenty of congestion.  While we try to minimize wait times, we cannot guarantee any morning start times.  If a team or individual needs special consideration for an afternoon start, we can accommodate.


Once a team has checked-in, they can partake in the many side activities while they wait for their number to be called to the starting line.  All team members must be present and checked in before they will be assigned a start time and sent to the start line.


Last start for pre-registered participants is 2pm.  Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us at if you need special consideration.


Event day registrations will be started as course flow allows, based on check-in time.


What do I need for check-in?

All participants MUST bring a completed waiver and photo ID or a copy of your ID with them to check-in.  We repeat, you MUST bring a photo ID with you to check-in on race morning.  Teams should check in all together.


All participants under 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian present to sign their waiver before they are allowed to start the race.


Our volunteers will check your ID and collect your waiver.  They will also be checking to make sure you have your official KONQER wristband and tattoo.  NO WAIVER, NO START, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Where / How do I apply my race tattoo?


Your number tattoo will need to be placed on your LEFT arm, so we can clearly see your number.  Instructions to apply the tattoos are located on the back of each tattoo.  


You will also receive a KONQER logo tattoo.  Those can be placed wherever you like!


Will there be a 50-foot inflatable waterslide?


Funny you should ask — because there IS a 50-foot water slide!  While the slide is not part of the course, the lovely folks at Leo Palace Resort are inviting KONQER participants to try out the slide. 


You’ll receive a ticket at check-in, and you can do some waterslidin’ before you start your race, or afterwards to cool off.  (However, if you’re covered in mud, you’ll have to clean up before you’ll be able to get on). No shoes or clothing with sharp edges will be allowed on the slide to avoid damaging the slide. See us for more details.


Kiddos are able to enjoy the slide as well, and volunteers will be there to manage entry into the slide. If you turned in you waiver, you will be covered to attempt the slide. If you do not have a wristband, you will need to sign a waiver prior to enjoying the sign. Limit one slide attempt per person.

Can I register on event day?

Yes, you may register on event day at the KONQER check-in / register area at the following prices:


Adult: $100

Student 15-17: $40

Kids 14 & Under: Free (waiver must be signed before kids can start)


For those that register on event day, t-shirts are not guaranteed.

What does the course look like?


You can view the course maps here.

Will there be water stations along the course?


There will be a refill stations course, but all participants are required to provide their own bottle, flask or Camelbak.  We are eliminating cups to drastically cut down on the waste that may potentially end up in the environment. GO GREEN, PEOPLE!


What should I bring?


We’ve found the following items to be helpful to have on event day:

• Photo ID or copy of your photo ID (this is a MUST!)

• Disposable gloves (protect your hands)

• Cash for food and beverage and the Coors Light Beer Garden

• Cell phone (selfie spots all along the course!)

• Shoes you don’t mind getting dirty / wet

• Sunscreen (minimum SPF 50 recommended)

• Ziploc bag for your phone and other valuables

• Refillable water bottle

• Small backpack to hold your belongings


Can I bring anything to help me through the obstacles?


You are not allowed to bring any objects (like rope, ladders, etc.) to help you through any of the obstacles.  Rely on your teammates to help you through — you got this!


What if one of our ten team members is injured along the course, may we have a substitute join the team?


After careful consideration, we have decided to not allow substitutions while your team is in progress.  All 10 team members that start the course must finish the course in order to have a valid time.  If one of your teammates is not able to finish, the team may finish the remainder of the course, but will not receive an official time for ranking.


How are the races timed?


ENDURO and BUSINESS LEAGUE teams are timed from the time they start to the time they cross the finish line.  For Business League teams, your time will not stop until the LAST team member crosses the finish line — so leave no man (or lady) behind! 


Can my family and friends come watch?


YES!  KONQER festivities are free and open to the public.  We will have plenty of room for spectators, and provide, food and beverage for sale, including the Coors Light Beer Garden. Come one, come all, and cheer on the KONQER Brigade!

Are there other activities on event day?


Yes!  We’ll have some other fun challenges for you to try, including:

Nissan Titan Truck Pull - Try your hand and see how far you can pull a 2018 Nissan Titan — divisions for male, female and 3-person teams.

IT&E Two-Person Challenge - We will have some challenges set up that you and your partner of choice can take on and KONQER.  Prize package for the top couple!


What if I still have questions?


Feel free to contact us at  and we will do our best to get you an answer quickly.






Is there an awards banquet?


Yes!  The post-event celebration and awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 23 from 6PM-9PM in the Leo Palace Ballroom.  All ages are welcome to attend!  Each will receive two tickets for a Coors Light (while it lasts) and light hors d’oeuvres on us! A no-host bar will also be open for those who prefer other adult beverages.


All ENDURO participants and top ten Business League teams are invited to attend free of charge.  All other participants and their guests may pay $10 admission at the door (cash only) to join the party!

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