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What is KONQER?


KONQER (pronounced “conquer”) is an obstacle course challenge, full of challenges to jump off, climb over and crawl through. It is a fast-paced, exciting event that focuses on physical fitness, camaraderie, teamwork, achievement, and most importantly — fun!


When and where will the event be held?

The event will be held June 10-11, 2017.  Day one will take place on Peleliu, and Day two will take place on Koror.   If you are traveling from off-island, we recommend arriving on June 8 and departing on June 13.

Our 2017 KONQER Circuit will have events in Guam, Saipan and Palau.  Visit their event pages to find out more!


Is the obstacle race timed? How do I win?


This event has three divisions you can participate in:


KONQER Individual - Choose from Course 1 (Peleliu), Course 2 (Koror) or the full course for the ultimate KONQER Palau experience!  This division is untimed and is all about making it to the finish line.

KONQER Business - Teams up to 10 members challenge for the best times to win glory for your company or sponsor.

KONQER Sprint - Race just the core obstacles and skip everything else.  Fastest time wins the glory and some cool prizes, too!


How many obstacles are there?


Each course has 15 signature manmade KONQER obstacles, with each location utilizing its own natural landscape to make each course uniquely exciting.  Each new event brings a new location and new challenges to keep bringing you the awesome-ness year after year.


Do I or my team have to finish every obstacle?


For those in our times Business and Sprint divisions, each obstacle must be completed for a valid time.  


Athletes in the Individual division may skip any obstacle along the course, without penalty.  Since this is an untimed event, feel free to take the time you need to complete the obstacles — It’s all about making it to the finish line!


How much is it?


Space fills up fast, so make sure you register early to get the best deals!  Pricing varies for each location and division, so check out the more details here.


Can I arrange to run with my friends?


Yes!  KONQER is all about teamwork and camaraderie.  Put together a team, and take on the course together.


Do I have to run with a team?


No, you are more than welcome (and kind of a badass) to take on the course solo.


How many people can I have on my team?


Each team can have up to 40 members.  Business teams are capped at 10 members.


Does the registration price include the entire team?


No.  The registration price is per individual. 


Can I register for my teammates?


Each person must register themselves individually, but may specify the team they want to join.


When I register, it asks me for my shipping address - what are you sending me?


The request for shipping address is just a component of our payment system, so we will not be sending anything to you via direct mail.  All roads lead through email, so keep an eye out for the latest updates!


What if I register, then chicken out or change my mind?  Can I get a refund or transfer by registration to someone else?


Sorry, we do not offer refunds.  Also, don't chicken out...You got this!  If you’re unable to participate, transfers will be honored free of charge up until 10 days prior to the race.  These transfers can be done online.  Any transfers after the cut-off may only be done in person at pre-check-in for a $10 fee. *NO TRANSFERS MAY BE DONE ON RACE DAY. 


I’m having problems with registration — who can help me?


If you have any questions related to registration, fill out the contact form here.

I'm flying in to attend your event. Is there special offers from airlines, rental cars or hotels that I can take advantage of?

Yes. Visit our current list of special offers from friends and sponsors of KONQER here.

When will I receive my race packet?

Packet pickup will be held at Palau Visitors Authority prior to the event (time and date TBD).  However, tho those unable to attend packet pickup, race packets will be available on event day.  Please make sure to arrive 45 minutes before the scheduled race start in order to allow ample time for the check-in process.

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