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You've paid to reserve your spots, now it's time to make it official!  Here's how to finalize your registration in three easy steps...


You'll find it on the order confirmation email that you received after you placed the order.  You must have the correct order number to finalize your registration.

(If you paid offline, your order number will be the Invoice Number on the paper invoice you were issued at your time of purchase.) 

*Note: Order #10002 listed above is not your order number. We just used that one as an example. Your order number will need to come from the confirmation email you received when you originally paid for your spot.


Click the magic button below to visit the registration page.


Input your information in the form page. Here are a few things to remember:


1) If you reserved spots for multiple compeititors on one order, you may use the same Order Number for as many spots as you reserved in your order. For example, if you reserved spots for 10 teammates, the corresponding Order Number may be used 10 times.  


2) If you have already chosen a team name, you will see it in the dropdown menu on the form page. If you have not selected a team name yet, you may either select "I'm Not Sure" from the dropdown menu, or type in your selected team name in the appropriate field.  If you're running solo, select "SOLO"


3) We will send important email updates with race information via the email addresses entered on the form page.  If you reserved spots for multple teammates, we suggest sending them your order number and allowing them to enter their information directly -- that way everyone stays in the loop!


4) If you have any questions or changes to an existing registration, please contact us at here and we will do our best to respond to your inquiries quickly.

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