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The obstacle course craze hit Tamuning on Sunday with KONQER (K2) taking shape in the heart of the business industry.

According to event organizer Kaz Endo, over 850 participants took part in the unique event in what is a fast-growing fad.

“KONQER selects a new course site every year so that the experience for our brigade is always ‘fresh’ and not boring,” Endo said. “Last year we held it at the Guam International Raceway. This year, we selected the 10-acre jungle that was formerly known as ‘Target Golf’ and converted it into a unique obstacle course.

“We also debuted our KONQER Warrior Dash competitive race as an exhibition. We had 10 elite male athletes try out the speed course. The winner was awarded the temporary keepsake of the coveted KONQER Finish (Cow) Bell. The spirit of over 850 competitors touched that bell, and the winner of the Warrior Dash gets to hold onto it until the next year’s race.”

The 850 participants was 250 more than its inaugural event last year. There were 25 obstacles in total.

KONQER will hold K3 in Saipan later this year with K4 slated for Palau early in 2017 before bringing it back to Guam after the summer of 2017.

As for the winners, “All winners. This is a completion course not a timed course. With this said, Michael Quitugua took 1st place with a time of 3:11 in the exhibition KONQER Warrior Dash. Team Take Care took first place in the KONQER Business League with a time of 19 minutes.”

Endo would like to thank the sponsors:

Bank of Guam, GVB, IT&E, Hello Lee Guam, American Medical Clinic, Baker International, Mt. Dew, Hanom water, Gatorade, Miller Lite, Tropical Productions, GWA, Benz Signs, Paradise Awnings, Cube, Trivision, DelCarmin Investments, Moricco, Matson, Hornet Sports, IP&E, WDI, Apple Bees, Pieology, Triple J Enterprises, Triple J Ford, Triple J Wholesale, GoPro and Inland Builders.

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