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SAIPAN, NMI - This year, the Marianas Visitors Authority will introduce a new sporting event on Saipan, “Konqer,” according to MVA Managing Director Chris Concepcion.

Konqer is an obstacle course challenge originally from Guam but was expanded to Palau, he said.


Once it’s added to the list of MVA signature events on Saipan, he said they will “target 500 participants in the first year.”

Concepcion said the event will be held at the newly opened Gov. Eloy S. Inos Peace Park in Puerto Rico.

“We have already been given the green light by the Division of Parks and Recreation to use the park,” he added.

In a recent MVA board meeting, Concepcion sought the approval of a $25,000 funding request to hold Konqer on Saipan. The money will come from MVA’s community projects department.

Concepcion said they are planning to hold the event this August to offer “new entertainment for tourists who are here during that period.”

MVA board member Jerry Tan said sporting events help the tourism industry.

“Because this is the first time [for Konqer on Saipan], we have to do it right,” he said.

“Personally I am happy to see people put an event together that has proven successful in the region — that’s great and we know our island is great for sports,” Tan added.

Concepcion said Konqer has very strong followers in the region.

“The target for this event is Guam, the military and everybody else,” he added.

MVA board member Chris Nelson said while the event is geared toward local participants, “we should also try to market this to tourists if they want to take part.”

Concepcion said he wants Konqer on Saipan to be like “Hell of the Marianas” which is run by a vendor.

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