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Palau Visitors Authority could not have expected a better outcome for the first ever obstacle course event held this past weekend in Palau. KONQER Palau "Divide & Conquer" was an event with two obstacle courses in the island of Peleliu and Long Island Park of Koror with natural and man-made obstacles developed for the participants to challenge.

"It exceeded our expectations given it's new to Palau, but with the turnout of participants registering prior to the event and the huge number of people registering on site it's a successful event," said Kadoi Ruluked, PVA's Marketing and Research Manager.

An estimated crowd of people - families, friends and participants - enjoyed Sunday at Long Island rooting for they local teams and solo participants at the 15-sprint obstacle course. The sprint 15 obstacles will have the participants run, jump, crawl, slide and rope walking. And paddling event will begin the course. With a huge turnout of participants locally and off-island plans are underway to make this an annual event.

"We are going to do this every year and turn it into one of our signature events that locals and tourists alike will enjoy.," said Ruluked.

He stressed that the success of the event was made possible with sponsors coming out to support the event.

"A huge thank you to the sponsors, participants and media, and to the spectators for making KONQER Palau a success," Ruluked added.

Peleliu was the site of the first obstacle course that was held on Saturday, where more than two dozen participants took on a very difficult trail through eight miles away from tourist locations.

"It was also successful considering that all the participants that came from off-island did the Peleliu course," said Rondy Ronny, PVA's Sports and Social Marketing Rep.

The trail was filled with history and culture while they get to enjoy the beauty of Peleliu.

"There were bat-filled caves and deep crevices to fit in, and high, elevated hills that were painful to go through. All the participants made it through and KONQER'D Peleliu," said Ronny yesterday.

More than 200 participants registered for the events. The KONQER event debuted in Guam two years ago and since then discussion with Palau Visitors Authority began that culminated with the concluded event. It is hoped that the event will have a snowball effect for tourism.

"This is in line with the goal of developing Palau as a high-value tourist destination," said Ronny.

Palau's KONQER obstacle course if part of a plan to build an obstacle course circuit to be closer together that will include Guam and CNMI for travelers to compete in all three events. Kaz Endo and a team of officials from Guam were on island to organize and officiate the event.

"We are also training the PVA staff in organizing the course so in future events they can do it without us," said Endo in an earlier interview.

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