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Surprises in store for KONQER Saipan

Participants in this year’s KONQER Saipan will be in for a treat and a lot of surprises when the second edition of the obstacle course race kicks off on April 28.

KONQER Sports chief executive officer Kaz Endo, in an exclusive email interview with Saipan Tribune, said they are keeping things a secret to build anticipation and surprise everyone come race day.

“It’s official, April 28, 9am is KONQER Saipan. The location will be released in future press leaks. For now, we want to build the anticipation through a bit of mystery,” Endo told Saipan Tribune.

“We want to disclose as much as possible, without ruinin

g a good surprise. The event will feature an all-new course, location, and a revised sprint obstacle designs.”

He added that they would introduce new obstacles to replace their signature ones.

“We will be benching some of our signature obstacles and introducing some new signature ones to wow our Brigade. As always, its ‘wellness through play’ so that means everything will be challenging but with fun in mind. Similar to our breakout event last year, we expect people of all shapes, sizes, and ages to participate,” Endo said.

Saipan will have the honor of opening KONQER’s three-nation tour, which would also make stops in Guam in June and in Palau in October.

“Saipan gets the honor of opening the games. We will debut our new obstacle designs on Saipan. After K6, we will march the Brigade to Guam on June 16 at the Leo Palace Resort then the grand finale will be held in Palau on Oct. 5 and 6,” said Endo.

He added that those interested in participating in the raffle for the free 500 entries have until tomorrow to join.

“It’s filling up fast and nicely. We are nearing 500, so apply now. And don’t forget, if you don’t win the free entry, all pre-registered entries will receive a special promo code for 50 percent off the price of $100 per adult and $40 per student. This is just for the individual entries, business teams will be offered a different [price] and will be contacted directly through our sales team,” Endo said.

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