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The Zombie Apocalypse begins with K10 Chapter One: "SURVIVE".  The outbreak finds itself in the beautiful island of Saipan. Most of the island is infected with no hope in sight. The national guard has been overwhelmed and citizens have been ordered to evacuate immediately. Several "SAFE ZONES" have been setup where the general population can seek food, beverage and shelter. YOU and your fellow neighbors must head to the SAFE ZONE by following the recommended path. Be careful, although your path has been cleared as much as possible, zombie are always a threat. Keep your eyes and ears sharp and whatever happens be sure to — survive.


Unlike all previous KONQER events, this one requires you to role play. At any time you may be a "SURVIVOR" or become a "ZOMBIE".

As a "SURVIVOR" you will be given a "HUMANITY FLAG" (think flag football, folks), be sure to take care of your flag — if a zombie grabs it off of you, that means "TAG-YOU'RE-DEAD", you trade places with the zombie who has taken your flag! The zombie (who now has your flag) re-spawns to become a healthy human, while you (who lost your flag) becomes the newest resident of zombie-land. But don't worry, you can re-spawn back to your old human self by capturing a flag from someone else (yes, it's a zombie-eat-human world we now live in!).


Yes, we know what you are thinking, "THERE ARE RULES IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!", the short answer is yes, yes there are! Even though the world is ending we still have to follow the rules and stay of out of KONQER jail.

Rule #1 - Flags may only be taken in the zombie zones designated by three blue circles on the course map.  You must have a humanity flag in order to move forward to the next Checkpoint.  If you lose your flag and cannot get one, the course marshal will instruct you to move forward once all the humans have left the area.  The zombies will then be able to move forward to the next Checkpoint. 

Rule #2 - When a participant is on a obstacle, their flag may not be taken by zombies. In fact, zombie must find other prey out on the field and leave people trying to complete an obstacle ALONE (for safety of course). Any participant with BOTH feet off the ground is not eligible to have their flag taken.  Any participant on the ground (i.e. walking around, running) is fair game for zombies looking to re-spawn.

Rule #3 - A zombie who takes a flag instantly re-spawns back to a human. Meanwhile, if you suddenly find yourself as a member of the undead (you really need to take care of your flag, bro.), you must drop to the ground, and count 10 seconds ("One Mississippi, Two Mississippi", etc) out loud before you can start looking for another flag. Yes, we know, some will cheat, but we'll have to rely on the honor system here (although spoiler alert, we'll have course marshals keeping an eye out for cheaters!). Besides, where's the fun if you cheat? Play it right, and everyone will have a great time.

Rule #4 - Survivors can find "time out" at designated areas on the course. When you enter this sanctuary area, zombies may not attack, however, they are allowed to park it right outside the area and wait for you to get out... so don't be a squatter for too long or you'll attract a lot of hungry zombies waiting for you. Don't worry, you'll always have an escape option, but we will warn you now, all that rest you get will be in vain as the escape option will be grueling!

Rule #5A - Whether you are playing as a team, or individual, all BOSS CHALLENGES must be completed. There will be 5 grueling obstacles to be completed (no burpees this year to skip!). Once you complete each BOSS challenge you'll be given a wrist band to indicate your completion. Be sure to collect all five bands before heading to your last checkpoint — the Safe Zone (Fiesta beach side). All participants not at the Safe Zone by 15:00:00 (that's 3PM for those that don't know), will officially be disqualified for any official times. So to summarize, be sure to have ALL FIVE BANDS and your HUMANITY FLAG before heading to the SAFE ZONE at Fiesta beach side. While team members may be split up during the race, all team members MUST finish together.  No man or woman left behind!

Rule #5B - If you or your team are not competing for official times, you still need to try and complete all challenges, but you will be allowed to skip a BOSS challenge by doing the "Deadman Pull" (trust us, the obstacles are the better option!). No bands will be issued to those who skip. A course marshal will mark your arm to indicate you have skipped a BOSS challenge, once you collect five marks (or a combination of marks and bands), you may proceed to head to the SAFE ZONE. Note, even non-competitive SOLO/TEAM must maintain their HUMANITY FLAG all the way to the finish line (aka. Safe Zone).

Rule #6 - ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL CONTACT SHOULD BE MADE.  The only thing you are allowed to touch when trying to get a flag is, well...a flag.  Any pushing, grabbing, stiff-arming, tackling or any other physical force is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  If this occurs, you will be removed from the course and  disqualified.  We don't wanna do it, but we gotta keep it safe and fun for everyone.  Brains over brawn, people...if you can't outrun someone, outsmart them.

*Event rules are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of the race director.



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