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Where do I check in?


Check-in will open at 8AM at American Memorial Park.  We recommend you get there in plenty of time to complete the check-in process before 9AM, as we will start the race on time.


What do I need for check-in?

All participants MUST bring photo ID with them to check-in.  We repeat, you MUST bring a photo ID with you to check-in on race morning.  Teams should check in all together.


All participants under 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian present to sign their waiver before they are allowed to start the race.


Our volunteers will check your ID and collect your waiver.  NO WAIVER, NO START, NO EXCEPTIONS!


What will I get at check-in?


After you have signed the waiver, you will receive an official KONQER Wristband.  This is your official entry into KONQER, so make sure you don't misplace it!  No one will be allowed to start the race without a wristband.

All PAID participants will receive a belt to attach their humanity flag.  You or your team will be randomly chosen to start as a human or zombie at check in.

Can I dress as a zombie?  I like zombies.


Go for it!  We will be awarding five $50 prizes for the best-dressed zombies! If you want to be considered for the best dressed contest, make sure we snap a photo of you and get your name! 





What does the course look like?


You can view the course map here.


Do we have to do the 5K zombie chase?


All ENDURO SOLO and ENDURO TEAM divisions must do the entire course, 5K included.  All Business Teams, Just For Fun Divisions and 17 and under have the option to skip the 5K run and start their race at Checkpoint 3 (lower MIHA housing area).  However, if you skip the run, you will automatically be required to start the obstacle portion as a zombie.  Check-in at Checkpoint 3 will begin at 10AM.

We recommend everyone do the initial run portion of the course because: 1) it will help you warm up and be ready for the obstacle portion, and 2) because IT'S FUN, MAN!

What are the rules for event participants?

You can find the rules of engagement here.


Will there be water stations along the course?

There will be a refill station at all four checkpoints, but all participants are required to provide their own bottle or flask.  In the spirit of keeping Saipan as pristine and gorgeous as possible, we are eliminating cups to drastically cut down on the waste that may potentially end up in the ocean. 


What should I bring?

We’ve found the following items to be helpful to have on event day:

  • Photo ID (this is a MUST!)

  • Gloves

  • Cash for any food / beverage purchases at the finish line.

  • Cell phone (selfie spots all along the course!)

  • Running shoes (Shoes with spikes are prohibited for safety purposes)

  • Sunscreen (minimum SPF 50 recommended)

  • Ziploc bag for your phone and other valuables

  • Refillable water bottle (hydration is's HOT out there!)

  • Small backpack to hold your belongings


I signed up for the free 5K zombie race/chase -- what does that mean?

Nice!  You will be designated as zombies, and your job will be to grab flags from the humans in Checkpoints 1 & 2 (refer to the course map for the zombie zones).  If you get a flag during your run, return it to the check-in area at 5K finish (Checkpoint 3).

We encourage you to dress the part!  We will be awarding five $50 cash prizes for best-dressed zombies throughout the day, so go all out!

I am in the 17 and under division -- what does that mean?

Our 17 and under participants will start the course as zombies, looking to grab flags in the designated zombie zones in Checkpoint 1 & 2.  Any flags stolen can be returned to the check-in area at Checkpoint 3.  However, if a 17 and under participant grabs a flag in Checkpoint 3, they may complete the obstacles and head to the finish line.  If preferred, they can skip the 5K zombie chase and check-in directly at Checkpoint 3 to do the obstacle portion.

*ALL MINORS 17 AND UNDER MUST HAVE A PARENT PRESENT TO SIGN THE WAIVER PRIOR TO STARTING THE RACE.  We also recommend parents accompanying minors for assistance, if needed.  If your child requires assistance, please see the race director at the Check-In Area.

What if one of our team members is injured along the course, may we have a substitute join the team?

After careful consideration, we have decided to not allow substitutions while your team is in progress.  All 5 team members that start the course must finish the course in order to have a valid time.  If one of your teammates is not able to finish, the team may finish the remainder of the course, but will not receive an official time for ranking.


How are the races timed?

Timing varies for each division.  Enduro solo/teams are timed for both the 5K run (checkpoint 1 & 2) and for the OCR portion (checkpoint 3 & 4) of the race.  Business timed teams are timed only for the obstacle portion of the race (checkpoint 3) at lower MIHA housing area to the final finish line at Fiesta Resort. 

Can my family and friends come watch?

YES!  We will have plenty of room for spectators, as long as they stay outside of the course area.  Come one, come all, and cheer on the KONQER Brigade! Absolutely NO cars will be allowed inside the main course area once the race begins.


Can I register on event day?


We will accept registrations for the full course only on event day, at a cost of $100 (cash only).  Free registrations will be offered on event morning. Last day to pre-register is May 23, 2019 11:59PM.



What if I still have questions?

Feel free to contact us at  and we will do our best to get you an answer quickly.





Is there an awards banquet?

Yes!  The post-event celebration and awards ceremony will be held directly after the race at Fiesta Beach.  All Enduro and Business Team participants will have access to the VIP area, which includes food and bottomless beer courtesy of Coors Light & Saipan Brewing Company (while supplies last).

For participants without the VIP access, you can purchase your entry for only $20 per adult (cash only), $10 per child (10-under are free).

Who is eligible for an award?

We will be giving awards to the top Enduro Solo and top Enduro Team, as well as the Top 3 Business Team finishers.  We will give you time to clean up, eat, have a cold beverage, and the award presentation will start approximately 5PM.

Is this where I get my t-shirt and finisher medal?

Yes, the first 500 finishers will receive a finisher medal at the finish line, as well as an event t-shirt, for those who have the "SWAG" tab on their wristband. Event shirts may be purchased for $20 while supplies last.

Will there be an ATM available at the event?

If you plan to purchase KONQER merchandise at the Fiesta Resort finish area, there is an ATM available at the lobby. We will only accept cash payments for event day registration at AMP and the lower MIHA check-in area. Adults will be $100 and children $25 for (event day) registration.

Any raffle prizes?

At the end of the race, paid participants will receive a raffle ticket.  We will have giveaways throughout the awards ceremony, but you'll really want to stick around for the Grand Prize giveaway:  a trip to KONQER Guam, including airfare, two-night stay and $200 in spending cash! 

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