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General FAQs

What is KONQER?


KONQER (pronounced “conquer”) is Guam's original obstacle race, full of challenges to jump off, climb over and crawl through. It is a fast-paced, exciting event that focuses on physical fitness, camaraderie, teamwork, achievement, and most importantly — fun!


When and where is it?


The Guam race will be held on Sunday, September 18 at the former Target Golf property (across from McDonald’s) in Tamuning.  The event will begin at 9AM, with wave starts throughout the day.


Is the obstacle race timed? How do I win?


For KONQER, the emphasis is on teamwork and achievement, not timing.  There are no winners or losers — only KONQERERS.


How many obstacles are there?


Course and obstacle details will be released soon. Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, head over to our Facebook page and tell us about your dream obstacle!


Do I or my team have to finish every obstacle?


Athletes may skip any obstacle along the course, without penalty.  Since this is an untimed event, feel free to take the time you need to complete the obstacles — It’s all about making it to the finish line!


Why do you have Beast Mode and Boot Camp?


We’ve designated two different options on the KONQER course, which you can choose based on your fitness level.  Think of the Boot Camp course as “KONQER Lite”, only requiring completion of about half the obstacles.  Or, if you want the ultimate challenge, take on all obstacles on the Beast Mode course.  Either way, you still KONQER — the choice is yours!


How much is it?


Space fills up fast, so make sure you register early to get the best deals!  Pricing starts as low as $55 per runner. Find the full pricing schedule here.


Can I arrange to run with my friends?


Yes!  KONQER is all about teamwork and camaraderie.  Put together a team, and take on the course together.


Do I have to run with a team?


No, you are more than welcome (and kind of a badass) to take on the course solo.


How many people can I have on my team?


Each team can have up to 20 members.


Does the registration price include the entire team?


No.  The registration price is per individual.


Can I register for my teammates?


You may reserve spots for up to 20 team members.  (The store allows you to put 10 items in your cart at a time, so you'll have to fill your cart twice to reserve more than 10 spots in a transaction).  Once you reserve spots for your team, you will receive an email detailing how to finalize all registrations.


When I register, it asks me for my shipping address - what are you sending me?


The request for shipping address is just a component of our payment system, so we will not be sending anything to you via direct mail.  All roads lead through email, so keep an eye out for the latest updates!


What are my choices for start time?


In order to make sure the course runs smoothly, we will have our KONQERERS start in waves, so you can let us know whether you’d rather have a morning or afternoon start time.  While we can't guarantee you’ll get your preferred start time, we will do our best to accommodate.  The final start schedule will be made and distributed via email and our website closer to event day.


What if I register, then chicken out or change my mind?  Can I get a refund or transfer by registration to someone else?


Sorry, we do not offer refunds or transfers.  Also, don't chicken out...You got this!


I’m having problems with registration — who can help me?


If you have any questions related to registration, fill out the contact form here.


Registration Options

Registration Pricing

ONLINE Registration is officially closed.  If you would like to register for KONQER, you may do so on event day.  Limited spots are available for $155 for adults, $30 for youth 11-17 (cash only). Children 10 & under are free with an adult chaperone (must present ID). 

Course & Challenges

Course Maps

We'll leak course details and obstacle updates as we get closer to the event day. Part of the KONQER excitement is to be surprised and delighted! Can't do that if we show you everything upfront!  Follow us on Facebook to stay informed with the latest updates.

Event Day FAQs

Event Day FAQ

When: Sunday, September 18th

Where: KONQER Central (the former Target Golf property, across from Tamuning McDonalds)

Time: 9AM - 6PM


When is my scheduled start time?

Final start times are posted here.


Where do I park?

We have four designated areas for KONQER participants:

1) Lot opposite Tamuning tennis courts (recently demolished and open)

2) Hafa Adai Exchange open lot (recently demolished and open)
3) Security Title parking lot and accompanying field
4) DOCOMO Pacific Tamuning behind Century Plaza (designated parking in the back of the building only -- out of respect to the other businesses.)

You are also able to find your own parking AT YOUR OWN RISK at nearby areas.

*Neither KONQER nor any other business assumes no responsibility for damage to vehicles or loss of property while parked at designated or non-designated parking 


What if I don't want to walk?

We have partnered with Stroll Guam to provide great specials on rides to KONQER Village!  Just visit their Facebook page, download the app, and save your legs for the obstacles!

Where do I check in?

Once you park, you’ll head to the check-in tent at the Triple J used car lot (at the corner of Marine Drive & Airport Rd).  When you check in, you’ll receive a bib, which will be your ticket to start the race, and it identifies you as a racer throughout the event.  NO BIB, NO START, so hang onto it!


What do I bring?

Check out this handy dandy infographic for helpful tips on what to bring:

Holy $*@#!  A machete?  Seriously?

The machete will only be allowed to be used on the Indiana’s Trail portion of the course and is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  There is a trail already cut for competitors, but for those of you who seek an additional challenge, you may blaze your own trail through the jungle to make it to your next destination.  This is at your own risk! 


Will there be water along the course?

Yes, there will be water stations along the course, but you will be required to take your own water bottle.  We are trying to go completely CUP FREE this year in order to remain environmentally friendly.  The less cups on the course, the less cups end up as trash in the jungle.  Bring a water bottle, and hug a tree while you’re at it.


Can I go through the course twice?

YES!  As long as there are open slots and plenty of daylight, you can go through the KONQER course more than once.  Please tell the folks at the check-in table, if you are interested in Re-KONQERING!

What else will be going on on event day?

We will have live music, food trucks, including Hafa Huli and 9th St. Rotary, the Miller Lite Beer Garden and more!  Plus, KONQER Village will have a front row seat to some of the course's best obstacles.  Bring teh whole family and cheer on your fellow KONQERERS!


What if I have more questions?

Contact us here, and we will do our best to respond to you quickly.

Race Schedule

Race Schedule
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