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GVB joins VOLT Sports Tour as an official sponsor.

Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) officially confirmed today their full support of the newly launched VOLT Sports Tour™ (formerly XTERRA® Island).

"I'm happy to announce that GVB has agreed to come onboard to support our mission with regards to health, wellness and tourist attraction through the development and execution of sports marketing and events. GVB has been supportive from the very beginning (2015) and continues that support into 2016-2017." said PIVOT Chief Creative Evangelist and Event Architect Kaz Endo.

"GVB continues to encourage local businesses like ours to produce events such the VOLT Sport Tour, or franchised events like XTERRA® to create excitement in the visitor segment. We are proud to have our events endorsed by GVB and thankful for their support." said Eric Tydingco, Race Director and Partner at PIVOT LLC., the company who owns the VOLT Sports Tour™ brand.

"Guam needs cultivate exciting programs and GVB is here to provide assistance to programs that benefit our visitor industry. We are very pleased to help the team at PIVOT and look forward to seeing their events all year long." said Kraig Camacho, GVB Community Development Officer and Destination Management.

"Coming from Oklahoma (my home state), I can tell you how beautiful Guam is. It's views are one of the best in the world. Our events are 99.99% outdoors and it blends our unique environment with familiar and exciting sporting programs. I'm confident that our tour will provide both local residents, military stationed personnel and our visiting tourist a great outlet to experience one of Guam's best assets — the great outdoors!" said Kelli Wedd, PIVOT Marketing Director.

PIVOT LLC., is a Guam based design, creative, technology and events company and owns the trademark of the VOLT Sports Tour™.

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