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KONQER promotes wellness through play in Palau, Saipan up next

After a successful first expansion into Palau, the KONQER team looks ahead to launching the first obstacle course challenge in the CNMI, according to Kaz Endo, KONQER Sports chief experience officer.

“We started discussions to expand to Palau about two years ago, and some of our business analysts believed the market was too small to support an event like KONQER,” said Endo. “But, the overwhelmingly positive response from participants, spectators and sponsors smashed all doubt, and KONQER Palau has set a new bar for all future events.”

KONQER partnered with the Palau Visitors Authority to launch the first-of-a-kind obstacle course event on the island, with the vision of promoting wellness through play.

“It exceeded our expectations, given it’s new to Palau,” said Kadoi Ruluked, PVA marketing and research manager. “We are going to do this every year and turn it into one of our signature events that locals and tourists alike will enjoy.”

Similar to Palau, KONQER Sports is working alongside the Marianas Visitors Authority to bring KONQER to Saipan on Sept. 9, making it the first obstacle course challenge in the CNMI.

“Because this is the first time [for KONQER on Saipan], we have to do it right,” said MVA board member Jerry Tan. “I am happy to see people put an event together that has proven successful in the region.”

Both MVA and host hotel Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan hope to attract more visitors to the island through another sports tourism event.

“Considering the CNMI’s strong reputation for sports tourism that attracts athletes from around the region and beyond, Fiesta Resort & Spa is proud to be the host resort for the first ever KONQER Saipan on Sept. 9,” said Wendi Herring, Fiesta Saipan & Spa general manager. “It is very exciting to have a new event such as this coming to our island and we look forward to contributing to its success. At Fiesta Saipan, we believe that teamwork and physical activities should be enjoyed and encouraged. KONQER shares our vision of grit and fun, and together we hope to inspire our community to challenge themselves both physically and mentally and to thoroughly enjoy the spirit of accomplishment.”

The Saipan event will be held at the new Gov. Eloy S. Inos Peace Park in Puerto Rico, and will feature multiple divisions to allow participants to tailor their KONQER experience.

“Our completion division allows solo participants or teams of up to 20 people to go through the course at their own pace, helping each other along the way,” said Endo.

“In addition, we have solo and team divisions that allow athletes to test their limits and try to make it through the entire course with the fastest time. That’s one of the aspects that really attracts people to KONQER — you don’t have to be a super athlete to enjoy the course and have a great time.”

Online registration and additional information is available at, and early bird pricing is offered to the first 200 people to register. As with all KONQER events, kids 14 and under may go through the course for free, with the supervision of a parent. All parents must register their kids online at to secure their free spot.

“Our vision is to promote wellness through play, and we are so fortunate to have local partners like MVA, Fiesta Resort & Spa and Bank of Guam to help us bring that vision to Saipan,” said Endo. “With their support, we are able to offer free entries to kids, in hopes of creating the spark for a lifetime of health and wellness.”

For more information, contact Kelli Wedd at, or visit

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