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The VOLT Brigade helps thirsty FestPac guests thanks to your generous donations!

Regardless of your politics or personal feelings towards our island's readiness for the 2016 FESTPAC, one thing is clear — no one wants our guests from almost 30 nations to suffer. For this reason, we issued a donation drive for water and we are happy to say our Brigade responded! Over 30 cases of water was donated within hours of the donation page going up and all have been delivered to the Tamuning Mayor's office. Thank you to all that donated and those who offered to help! Mission accomplished.

Special thanks to:

Roque Martinez, Silverio Artates III, Christina Borcina, Shawn Ogo, Courtney Salgado and Kaz Endo for your generous monetary donation. A special shout out to Haruna Saito for offering to help deliver the water as a volunteam member.

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